Binding & Finishing Services

Binding and Finishing

Almost every print job requires some type of finishing work. Directories need to be bound, brochures need to be folded and booklets need to be collated and saddle stitched (stapled). Our full service bindery can help with these tasks and many more. We welcome any project of any size.

If you will consult with us before laying out a print job, we can help you decide the best finishing work for your application.

Collating and Booklet Making

We can collate individual sheets, staple them in the center and fold them into booklets. This is known as saddle stitching. We can staple in the upper left hand corner, or put two staples on the side as well. Our machine can also collate individual sheets of paper into sets for any application such as being inserted into pocket folders, or drilled and put in binders or used to make into tablets with our padding capability.


Folding can provide a great finish for a variety of projects. These could include something as simple as brochures or newsletters to a more complicated item like large maps or those small instruction guides found inside product packaging.

Our top of the line equipment and experienced operators provide you with a level of consistent quality that will make your project stand out. As always, layout is of the upmost importance with this type of job.

Binding Options

  • Coil or Spiral

    A durable plastic coil that is ideal for high use books such as manuals, field guides and directories. Dozens of colors available for binding from a few sheets up to hundreds of pages.

  • Double Wire

    A coated metal element that provides a more classic look. Suited to more specific applications such as, calendars, wrap around covers or continuous two page spreads. Available in several colors and up to 1¼” diameter.

  • Comb

    A traditional plastic element that lends itself to removal or addition of pages. A small number of colors are available.

Additional Finishing Services

We also provide cutting, drilling, shrink wrapping and short run laminating. We do a wide range of hand work, including inserting tabs or divider sheets into books, filling pocket folders or binders with your printed materials, adhering one item to another such as magnets to a poster, or just about any other labor intensive task needed.

Pickup and delivery is always available.