Finishing Capabilities

    Binding & Finishing

• Kugler 340-2 automatic punching machine  • Digicoil automated spiral machine

• SCC-100 automatic coil machine  • Renz CLS 700 wire closing machine


  • High speed, automatic punching and assembly

  • Manual punching and assembly for specialty projects

  • Tabs, dividers, pocket covers, folded sheets, odd sizes

 Binding Options

  • Coil or Spiral
    A durable plastic coil that is ideal for high use books such as manuals, field guides and directories. Dozens of colors available for binding from a few sheets up to hundreds of pages.
  • Double Wire
    A coated metal element that provides a more classic look. Suited to more specific applications such as, calendars, wrap around covers or continuous two page spreads. Available in several colors and up to 1 ¼” diameter.
  • Comb
    A traditional plastic element that lends itself to removal or addition of pages. A small number of colors are available.